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 MBIPV Project Executive Summary

“The Malaysia Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Technology Application Project, MBIPV, is intended to induce the long-term cost reduction of the non-emitting GHG technology (i .e. the photovoltaic or PV) via integration of the PV technology wi thin building designs and envelopes. It is aimed at creating a sustainable BIPV market in Malaysia that will generate widespread BIPV applications. Over the lifetime of the expected installed BIPV capacity from the project, the energy generated will avoid 65,100 tons of CO2 emissions from the country’s power sector, in addition to contributing towards the national energy policy objectives. The MBIPV project will specifically focus on the market development for BIPV technology, and building the national capacities on three major areas:

(a) Policy and education;

(b) Technical skill and market implementation;

(c) Technology development support.

The project will catalyze BIPV technology acceptance among the public, policy makers, financiers and building industry, which will lead towards a sustainable BIPV market beyond the completion of the project. The project objectives will be achieved via a multipronged approach:

(1) BIPV information services, awareness and capacity building programs;

(2) BIPV market enhancement and infrastructure development;

(3) BIPV policies and financing mechanisms program;

(4) BIPV Industry Development and R&D enhancement program.....”

For more information, please download the report.


*MBIPV Project Executive Summary

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