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PV Market
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This objective of this project component is to create the essential market penetration for BIPV technology. It will highlight different demonstration projects that will serve as showcases and provide a wider level of acceptance and better understanding on the technology and its benefits. A concerted national programme will enhance local market and further ensure infrastructure optimization. The technical feasibility and economic viability of BIPV technology will be addressed through showcases and demonstration projects. The available opportunities will provide adequate knowledge and learning experiences to relevant stakeholders towards sustainable BIPV applications.

Core Activities

1. Standards and Guidelines Development

MS 1837:2005 Malaysian Standard on Installation of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System was released in September 2005 to standardize the quality of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) systems in Malaysia. This document is available for sale from the Department of Standard Malaysia (SIRIM).  At a later stage, BIPV will be addressed into the building design standard/code.

2. MBIPV Incentive Schemes

To enhance the PV demand in the local market, three main progammes are offered under Component 2:
i) Showcase projects (100 kWp): to create BIPV success stories and quality examples for public/industry references.
Demonstration projects (200 kWp): to stimulate the local building industry (private and government sectors)
National “SURIA 1000” PV programme (1,200 kWp): to catalyse BIPV market by targeting general public to install BIPV at their premises (homes/buildings) and property developers.
Besides financial support, Component 2 also provides technical support/assistance to the relevant stakeholders (PV service providers, project team, TNB etc.) in project evaluation, system design review, installation and commissioning of the BIPV projects.

Note: All MBIPV Incentives have been taken and is no longer available.

3. PV Monitoring Activities

Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) has been appointed as the PV Monitoring Centre (PVMC) in November 2006. The aims of this collaboration are:
i) to monitor and collect performance data of the BIPV installations under MBIPV project to allow for further optimization of BIPV technology to suit the local environment.
ii) to set up a PV information database and to be the focal point for such information.
The above information will be made available to the public via the PVMC website. MBIPV Project provides the necessary support to PVMC.

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