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PV Policy
|    Policy Overview
|    Government Incentives
|    License Requirements
|    Grid-Connection
- Testing and Commissioning of BIPV Installations
- Interconnection with TNB
|    Net-Metering
|    Feed-in Tariff (FiT)

TNB has agreed to permit connection of PV installations under the MBIPV project to its low voltage (LV) distribution network with the proviso that the PV capacity installed (kWp) does not exceed the consumer’s maximum demand in kW.

Approval for the grid connection automatically includes approval for “net-metering” of the electricity consumed by the user and the electricity generated by the PV installation and fed into the TNB grid through the grid connection. Applications for grid connection shall be made on TNB forms for “Domestic” or “Non-domestic” application forms which cover the functions shown in the table below:



Application by:

Submission to:

Fees (RM)

TNB Application for grid connected PV system

As legal control for TNB customer supply Contract

The grid connected BIPV installation owner (through APVSP)

PTM/MBIPV for onward submission to TNBD

Revenue stamp for RM 10 for the supply Contract

The forms of the TNB Application Forms for Connection of Supply to Premises with BIPV can be accessed from the following links:

The process flow charts for grid connection of BIPV systems are shown in the Flowchart: Interconnection with TNB.

The TNB application form for grid connected PV system also forms a new Supply Agreement which will replace the original TNB Supply Agreement for the premises concerned if PV is installed on existing premises. In this case the TNB consumer will have to pay for the RM 10.00 revenue stamp required to validate the supply agreement.

If PV is installed from the start for new premises, then the application form and supply agreement become the initial document, but will still require the revenue stamp. The relevant forms shall be duly completed and submitted to PTM/MBIPV as early as possible (at least four weeks) prior to installation of the grid connected BIPV system.

The BIPV system can be connected to the electricity supply network in a “Direct Feed (DF)” or an “Indirect Feed (IF)” configuration.


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